Daily Prayers

Welcome to our Daily Prayers at Oadby Baptist Church.

Prayer is a really important part not just of our church life, but our Christian life as followers of Jesus. Not only does prayer bring us into the presence of God, but it also connects us together as a community as we lift up our voices collectively in prayer.

The daily prayer videos below are based on the Order for Baptist Ministry which offers a pattern of prayer for each day of the week. Each day is also linked to a particular season in the life of the church such as Easter, Pentecost, Christmas and Lent, so not only do we journey through the week together in prayer, but we also journey through the Christian year together each week.

The videos themselves will be really simple. The prayers are arranged with a leader and a collective response – you’ll see these marked clearly in the videos and I would encourage you to join in by saying the words that appear in bold italics out loud, if at all possible, as you lift your voice together with our scattered community at this time.

It would be great if you could come to these prayers with a small candle or tealight as well as your Bible.

I really do hope you find these daily videos useful, not just in maintaining a sense of fellowship to one another, but also in discovering the presence of God in your everyday life during this time of separation.


As an alternative to the Order for Baptist Ministry for your daily prayers, click the button below each daily video which will take you to the Daily Office of the Northumbria Community which you may prefer to use.

You can also use the buttons below to visit a selection of online resources which you may find helpful as alternatives to our daily prayer videos.

Note that some are Apps which you can download straight to your mobile device or tablet.